Changed, Chosen, and Created

Alex 8/14/16

Well it appears my scattershot persona has been even more useful then normal these past few days.

What is going on so far:
first my meeting with the prof was not what I thought it would be; for one he is dead. For two he was not the one that arranged the meeting because he has been dead for about 5 days.
I was not the only one invited to meet with him, I gained some new coworkers (more about them to follow.)
We where not alone at the house; an old fashion hit mark was there also. Lucky for us it was not after us because our fight with it while it was trying for run away was sad.
One of the ladies named Jaz called the police over the corpse and hit mark, (WHY? DAMMIT MAGES SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS!!!) so far at least she has used
the coroner to gain some information we will how that works out.
Father O’mally has proven to be a well of information about the good prof past and we have learned much about what I believe to be the key to what is going on.
First clue: the prof was kill in what looked to be a ritual method that has been done in the past.
Second: in the past the prof and others destroyed an avatar of a Nephandi (or at least I hope so)
Third: A tarot card found at the scene makes me believe that there will be more deaths to come.
fourth: A look into the past shows that there was a man with the police in an old fashioned suit that was hard for Celia to remember (old fashioned again is a hint I believe)
fifth: the hit mark did not kill the prof but was looking for something (I believe it was research or notes).

What is going on: I believe that the killing (or attempted killing) of the Nephandi is related to the murder, and we where targeted as well; likely because each of us
have a connection to both the prof and the missing tarot cards needed for this ritual. My research will need to be halted while I look into this,
but at least I have a new side project now.

My new co workers:

First Celia, talk about absorbed in the sleeper world she works as a model (for nerds) and is always talking about new outfits that she is making to show off.
I do not understand why as clothes are meant to protect you from the weather and experiments gone wrong no more.
She is hard to focus on the problem at hand, but when can she is quite helpful. First I feel she is the best fighter in the group, plus her time magic and nerds
have helped us gain information.

Second and most useful so far Cass, despite her reliance on outdated god, she has proved to be the best at ignoring the trappings of the sleeper world,
and can stay focused on research and reasoning. I look forward to working with her more on researching the occult.

Last Jaz: Where to start with Jaz… She is just like the type of woman that my parents would love and are a dime a dozen in my past life. She drives me nuts.
She acts like money is the goal of life and not just a tool with her expensive clothes and overpriced coffee. She’s just showing off her wealth and looking down
on others just like my damn parents. That being said she is almost as useful as she thinks she is with her quick witted manipulation of the sleepers
and her knowledge in forces and control.

Of course I have to laugh at their reactions of how I control my finances, that is my favorite game to play; I know where every pound is and how much everything
costs and none of my one hundred plus accountants control more then 1% of it.
The only good thing I learned from my parents is how to manage the help. Silvia thinks that she is conning me out of money but it truth it is what I am
willing to pay; if you let them “steal” some they are not as tempted to take more.


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